Water Damage Cleaning Service

Extract water and dry out wet carpet.

Our technicians are fully certified in Restoration of all water damaged areas

Our WaterClaw

Great for small flood jobs like overflowing washing machines, leaky fish tanks and overflowing spa baths.

This means if the carpet is soaked and the walls are wet we can get them back to a dry state. Storm damaged carpets are our speciality.

Equipment Hire

Floor Scrubber Dryers: Numatic TT3035S designed for cleaning of hard surface's, will bring tiles and pavers back to life.

No matter what the size of the job we can help you DYO (Dry Your Own). When you need to hire drying equipment no matter where you are we can help you.

Insurance Companies

A report to you within 24 hours of attending the affected site.

We also make sure that communication with you is transparent whether through a third party assessor or your own assessor or agent.

Water Damage Clean Up

We can clean and restore your water damaged property.

We conduct drying from water extraction, placing air movers and dehumidifiers.

We also have access to affiliates in Brisbane with a further 200 Air Movers if needed.

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